Purchase Instructions

We ship worldwide.

Each sword is individually made and assembled in Japan. We provide only the finest Japanese Swords available from our shop. We stand behind our workmanship 100%, and guarantee you will receive nothing but the best quality products.

A standard sword bag comes with any sword purchased and another Gold Brocade Sword Bag as well as other related items can be also purchased as an option.

You can send your credit card remittance with confidence using our secure credit card payment form. The information you submit, including your credit card information (if provided) is not sent to us by email. Your order information is sent to a secure, password protected file that cannot be accessed by anyone besides our staff. If you prefer not to send credit card information over the internet check the appropriate credit card but do not enter your cerdit card number.

Your payment amount will be displayed on the form after submission. Payment via credit card can also be handled via fax at +81 773-23-5190.

Shipping charges will not be applied to orders greater than US$1000. Your order will be verified with you before final processing to assure accuracy of all information.