Inoue Corporation Ltd., Showroom

1530 Kamiaraga, Fukuchiyama
Kyoto, Japan 620-0065
Phone: +81-773-23-5211
Fax: +81-773-23-5190


We are specializing in hand-making and replicating restored historical Japanese Tachi swords including Kabutsuchi-no-Tachi presumably it's made at the time of Kofun period, Kaza Tachi, Kenukigata Tachi and Gindohirumaki Tachi born in the Heian period, Hyogo Kusari Tachi appeared in the Kamakura period, and Japanese Marshal swords. In addition, we have a line of other Japanese swords related with Master Samurai, Samurai Lord, Swordsmith and so forth.


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Traditional Japanese Techniques

5 Famous Japanese Swords