Efu Tachi or Hoso Tachi


Hoso Tachi (narrow Tachi) also called Efu Tachi, a less decorative thus more affordable substitute of Kaza-Tachi were worn by lower ranking court nobles. When Kaza-Tachi became less used by the nobles of the Imperial court, Hoso Tachi were gradually worn by the higher ranking Samurai and officials of the court. Because both of these Tachi were considered ceremonial use, they were luxuriously mounted and mostly came with non-functional "blades" and they have still been made and worn as presentation swords since Heian era. Kara-Tsuba or Fundo-Tsuba is being used with this Hoso Tachi.


Saya (Scabbard):
Polyurethane Paint Finish

1,350g (2.97 lbs)
Blade Material:
Hard Alloy Sand Casting
Total Length:
Approx. 106cm (42.4")
Blade Length:
Approx. 74cm (29.6")
Sori (Curve):
2.3cm (0.92")
Price: ASK Sword Bag Inculded

Hoso Tachi Order


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